Diggles Stone

A gnome paladin of Talos, seeking vengeance on his father


Vengeance paladin of Talos, the storm lord


Diggles was born in a small port town into a very poor family making their living off of selling clams by the dock. From an extremely young age, Diggles’ father forced him and his mother to spend hours catching clams in the dangerous choppy, shark infested waters. By the age of six, Diggles had about 8 large scars all over his small body, but his father didnt care. Eventually by the time he turned 9, the family saved up enough money for a small fishing boat and his father got a few crew members, including his older sister, whom his father forced to return from her magic academy far inland. Diggles was happy to see her again, as she was always caring and sympathetic towards him. However on the third expedition out to sea, Diggles; father, who was the both the navigator and captain of the ship, made many errors. Being uneducated, he did not understand how big an effect weather can have on the course of a ship, and got completely lost after tripping over Diggles’ and dropping his compass into the sea. This he blamed on Diggles completely and threw him overboard and told him not to come back without the compass, which, obviously, had sunk down to the bottom of the ocean. Eventually he calmed down a little and let Diggles back on board giving him nothing but a large cut on his left cheek. The crew remained lost for weeks on end, and slowly began to run out of food. Diggles’ father’s temper, which was already terrible, was worsening. Eventually the crew ran into the largest storm any of them had ever seen. The sight of this storm marked the end to Diggles’ father’s sanity. He ran to his cabin and locked the door, and by the sounds coming out of it, it seemed as if he was destroying everything he could see. The storm began racing towards the boat, and it was clear there was no escape. As the first wave rocked the tiny boat, diggles rushed over to where his mother and sister were cowering beneath a stairwell. No magic his sister knew was strong enough. His mother yelled at him to go grab rope and tie himself and his sister to the mast. On his way, a wave almost threw him overboard. When he got back he found both his mother and his sister lying on the floor with stab wounds in each of their chests. With teary eyes, he looked up to see his father standing with a bloody fishing spear on the stairwell above him., and a mad look in his eyes. Hi father thrust the spear between a gap in the steps at Diggles, who barely avoided it and ran onto the deck, waves still rocking the boat. However it was a small boat, and his father quickly had him cornered. His father struck out at him and knocked him to the ground. He stood to thrust the fishing spear through diggles chest, when a bolt of lightning hit the ship and threw them both overboard. How he got there, nobody knows, but Diggles woke up in a simple but comfortable room, with nothing but a bed and a cup of water on a stand next to him. Remembering what happened on the ship, Diggles started to cry, however that sadness soon turned into anger. It turned out and organization called the shield found him washed up on a shore, and decided to take him in. He was raised as a Paladin, and he chose to live to avenge his mother and sister, and any other crew members who did not survive the storm, and he devoted his life to gaining the strength to kill his father. He eventually found a quest on the Red North Line at the age of 20, and decided it was time to go out and start looking after years of constant training.

Diggles Stone

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