Grukk Half-Hammer

An immense half orc fighter with eyes set on vengeance.


As a child, Grukk never knew the warm hearth of an orkish home. By the age of three, it became clear that he was not pure of blood and as such, the Bone-Tree clan had him outcast. Without food, drink or any means of survival; Grukk stumbled around the wilderness slowly but surely dying of starvation.

Perhaps a week after his exile, Grukk crawled his way into a clearing perhaps a mile from a rather large mountain. Hoping to find shelter in one of it’s caves, Grukk began to make his way to this gargantuan rock outcropping. With so little to eat, Grukk did not have his wits about him and failed to notice the dire wolf that had been stalking him for the past three days. Alone and cold in a small cave Grukk heard the growl of this fey beast as it began to circle it’s prey. In a last ditch effort to save his life, Grukk took up a stone from the ground and threw himself upon the wolf delivering fierce blows to the immense creature as he began a fight that would determine the rest of his life.

Grukk himself doesn’t remember what happened next, all he knows is what the elders tell him. They told him they found him asleep in a pool of blood, curled up next to the carcass of this massive dire wolf with a newly caved skull.

As it happens, the mountain that Grukk happened upon was the home of a dwarven monastic settlement in reverence of morradin. The dwarves there spend their days mining and forging beautiful artifacts and weapons, all in the name of their patron god. To stay afloat economically they send out convoys to sell their wares and advertise the services of their various rune priests. One such convoy happened to stumble upon young Grukk. While dos dwarves would kill an Ork on the spot, these ones took pity on the pitiful creature. Recognizing his strength and resolve. They skinned the wolf and wrapped grukk in its hide and brought him back to the monastery.

The monks and priests welcomed Grukk like he was one of their own. Grukk was raised under the ways of Morradin, using the hammer and axe and forging with metal and Rock. With their help and training he grew to be an immense young fighter full of wisdom and strength. Pretty soon, Grukk was accompanying almost every caravan into the various towns for his strength was great and his prowess with his weapon was greater. He served as a valued bodyguard to the monks and priests.

By the age of 28, Grukk was being sent out on solo missions to retrieve ancient dwarven artifacts for the priests to study and inspect. On the way back from one such excursion, Grukk began to feel uneasy. Ever since he had been taken in by the dwarves, Grukk had always felt a protective presence with him. Right now, he couldnt feel anything.

As he broke the treelike Grukk saw a sight that would be branded into his memory for the rest of his life and would ignite a burning hatred in his heart that would carry him to do many things. The monastery was ablaze. Grukk flew into the settlement, searching fro survivors or any sign of who did this fiendish deed. As he ran through the hallways, all Grukk found were the charred corpses of his once friends and family.

When Grukk reached the main temple, he found the clan elder impaled to the wall by an ornate javelin, barely alive. Grukk did all that he could to stabilize the dwarf but it became clear that there was nothing Grukk could do. Grukk asked him “Who did this! where are they! I will bring you revenge!!!!!! I swear on our ancestors!”. Knowing full well that Grukk wasn’t strong enough to face this foe the elder merely wheezed “Travel to whitewood, seek the corrupters guise, there you will find answers.” With tears of rage, Grukk took up the axe of the hold and walked through the flames towards the destiny that awaited him.

During the events of the corrupters Guise Grukk learned the identity of the destroyer of his home and, after learning the secret of the guise committed to a siege on the warden (See CG Recap).

Crushed by his failure to kill the warden (see Siege recap) Grukk decides to travel back to the ruins of his old home to try to remind himself of what it was to be in morradins favor. Grukk began to lead a life very similar to his old one. He would wake early in the morning, work on fixing the monastery, go mining, forging and then practicing his weapon. perhaps three weeks into this lifestyle he stumbled into the metals vault of the monastery, a location that had been unknown to him as a young man. The moment he touched the bars of mithril he was again filled with that same pride he once felt as a young lad walking these halls. An otherworldly power guided his hands at the forge for three days and nights until finally he held aloft, ForgeFiend, a weapon of the holy forge. This gorgeous black metal urgrosh was illuminated by a deep orange glow where his hands touched the metal and held magical properties that he soon learned to wield.

For the past month before the trip to the red north line, Grukk has returned to WhiteWood to train and live at the fighters guild under the watchful eye of Zion Kingpost. Before his departure to the Line, Zion pulled him aside and presented him with a very simple looking helm, it had old runes reading inferno across the front with a hammer of morradin on the brow. “Take this, let it help you see clearly.” And with that, Grukk was back on the road with his old comrades again.

Grukk Half-Hammer

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