Ex-Vecna Worshipping Wizard


ExistenceIsPain.jpeg is a dark wizard, who studied under the god Vecna for many years, on the ultimate quest for KNOWLEDGE.

He met a group of fellow adventurers, but what’s that to you. Together they went in search of the Orcus Circlet, which was told to hold great power. When they finally reached the famed crown, after a game of wits with a sphinx, they discovered it had no real power. Soon after this adventure, the band of adventurers went their own ways. After disobeying the orders of Vecna, ExistenceIsPain.jpeg went in search of a new purpose. For the last 2 months, he has been going to multiple different shrines across the land, to find a new god to devote his life too, after the previous proved so distrustful.


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